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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Walk of Shame

Good golly, I haven't blogged in forever...8 months and 25 days to be exact. I don't want to make excuses, but I'm going to.  In no particular order, here are my excuses perfectly rationale reasons:

Grad school
New job
Buying a house
Moving again
Puppy snuggles

I'm not sure how that last excuse snuck it's way onto the list, but I went with it because puppy snuggles are real.  Enough of the excuses, on to a FREEBIE!  I whipped up a cute, simple page and wanted to share!  

We all know that lots of kid regress over the summer.  We also know that many of of our lowest bunnies that we have spent the entire school year trying to help tend to regress the most over the summer break.  BREAKS.MY.HEART.  My school has a free tutoring program for our kids with Significant Reading Deficits (SRDs) and our tutoring team wanted to create a simple reading challenge for the summer.  Our hope is to just keep these lovelies reading.  

We are using an online reading program that tracks their minutes, but you could have parents initial each beach ball when the child reads X number of minutes.  Our kiddos are coloring in a beach ball each time they read 100 minutes, and if they read 1,000 minutes over the summer, they will be invited to our celebratory party when we return to school.  We might even have a hallway parade to celebrate! This PDF is editable so that you can customize the direction portion of the page.  

Want a copy?  Shake your head up and down!  Hop on over to my TPT to grab this FREEBIE!  FREEBIE Feedback is always appreciated!  

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