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Monday, July 28, 2014

Cheaper Than Therapy

Must.find.job.  While waiting for new job postings to pop up, I'm creating up a storm!  It helps keep me focused and sane.  I'm cranking out new labels for my entire classroom library (all 27 banker boxes worth), a mini-calendar set, and a new word wall!  I decided to do fiction labels in one color, and non-fiction in another because sometimes the little darlings forget.  For my word wall, I made the vowels pink and consonants green to help the kiddos keep that straight.  The mini-calendar is a work in progress.  I'm hoping to use a big oil pan to make a place for our calendar, schedule, clocks, weather, etc.  

Now I just need a classroom to put all of it in!  Here's a sneak peek!  Nothing too snazzy, just a facelift!

I've turned down some opportunities for 5th grade interviews.  Call me crazy, but I'm not passionate about teaching fifth and I don't want to take an interview slot from someone that might be the perfect fit for some soon to be fifth graders.  Faith...and deep breaths.
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Following Our Hearts

I have news.  BIG news.  BIG, EXCITING NEWS! Since you've obviously read every single post I've ever written, you know that my hubs is in the AF and we move every 2-3 years, which makes me an expert classroom packer-upper.  Seriously.  I should have a special badge.  We were stationed in Colorado Springs, CO from June 2011-July 2013.  We arrived in SC July 2013.  Ready for the news?!  We are making our LAST big move...back to Colorado!   In an effort to reduce their forces, the AF offered a voluntary separation opportunity, and we took it.  It was a big decision to give up his job security, but in our hearts, we know we belong in CO.  I will be able to find a forever home at a school!  I arrived a few days ago so that I can get a new job at the start of the school year.  My father super hero flew out to SC to help me drive and pull the trailer classroom on wheels...all 3,100 pounds!  My hubs will follow in December when he transfers from Active Duty to the Reserves.

To celebrate, I created a little FREEBIE for y'all!  You can print the full page size, frame it, and add some decor to your classroom.  Or, print one of the smaller card versions and write a sweet note for a co-worker at the beginning of the year!

This teacher is off to find a job!
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