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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Diagnostic Tool for Subtracting Within 1,000

Data and I are BFFs.  Sure, sometimes we fight and don't speak to each other for the rest of the day. I might be guilty of talking about her behind her back, but we always make up and build a stronger bond than before.  After breaking down the data from a formative assessment on subtraction, I realized I could very easily group my kids based on exactly where their "break down" occurred in subtraction, rather than high/medium/low, got it/kind of get it/lost, etc. After that, I started making formatives and centers that really focused on each layer of subtraction separately.  I'm probably preaching to the choir, and you're probably thinking DUH, but sharing is caring, so here you go!  You can download a FREE Diagnostic Tool for Subtracting Within 1,000 to help you find where your kiddos are breaking down.  One of my peeves is when response spaces aren't reasonably sized for my little guys.  I made this with plenty of room for the kids to show their work!  Easy on the eyes, right?

Plenty of room to show their work!

Blank space for customization!

Who doesn't love an answer key?
What "duh" moment have you had lately?  Comment below!

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    I saw that you are just starting out blogging. I am too!! Your blog is too cute. I can't wait to add it to blogs that I follow when I get home later. Maybe we can support each other starting out in our blogging journey. PS I love polka dots too!! Check out my classroom.