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Monday, July 28, 2014

Cheaper Than Therapy

Must.find.job.  While waiting for new job postings to pop up, I'm creating up a storm!  It helps keep me focused and sane.  I'm cranking out new labels for my entire classroom library (all 27 banker boxes worth), a mini-calendar set, and a new word wall!  I decided to do fiction labels in one color, and non-fiction in another because sometimes the little darlings forget.  For my word wall, I made the vowels pink and consonants green to help the kiddos keep that straight.  The mini-calendar is a work in progress.  I'm hoping to use a big oil pan to make a place for our calendar, schedule, clocks, weather, etc.  

Now I just need a classroom to put all of it in!  Here's a sneak peek!  Nothing too snazzy, just a facelift!

I've turned down some opportunities for 5th grade interviews.  Call me crazy, but I'm not passionate about teaching fifth and I don't want to take an interview slot from someone that might be the perfect fit for some soon to be fifth graders.  Faith...and deep breaths.
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