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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Making the Most of Games

I'm here for another teacher confession session, AKA, sharing my face-palm DUH moments with all of you. This one is an oldie.  I made this swap years ago and I still think about all of the lost learning opportunities prior to switching over haven't looked back.  I bet a lot of you lovelies already do this.  Sometimes I live under a rock...
I'm going to keep this short and sweet:  When your kids are playing a game in small groups or during centers, instead of having kids take turns answering questions, have every kid in the group answer every question.  

OMGracious, did this ever help with maximizing learning opportunities and time on-task!  Instead of players goofing off while it was someone else's turn, it's now always everyone's turn.  I let them let take turns flipping the question cards, but then each player has to record an answer.  Anyone that is correct gets to move their piece/spin/collect/etc.  

For those of you that just crawled out from under this rock, don't beat yourself up.  Beat up your teacher friends that are already doing this for not clueing you in.  Kidding!  I would be gasping for air buried beneath a rock quarry if it weren't for all of my teacher friends!  

Do you have any small group game advice for the rest of us?
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