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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's Raining Money

Last weekend at my favorite local coffee shop, I noticed that the kid in front of me in line paid with Square.  I guess I can relate.  Kind of.  Not really. When I was their age, I was digging in my pocket hoping for a few more pennies so that I would have enough money to pay for my Slurpee.  If only Square was part of CCSS…

Moving on.  I LOVE when we work on coins!  Kids like to get their recently sanitized hands on all that play money and you can see the dollar signs in their eyes!  However, each year I'm always amazed at how many kiddos don't already know which coin is which.  Maybe they are all using Square.  Right.  I said I was moving on.

I put together some resources for my kiddos that match our class anchor charts and a foldable where they had to cut & paste the information into the correct spot.  I decided to use the foldable to check for understanding of coin names and values.  Want a copy for free?  Leave me a comment with one of your favorite teacher tips for your coin unit and I'll email you this product for FREE….zero pennies!  Don't forget to include your email address!  Take a peek!  I also included half page for those of us using interactive math journals!  

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  1. I do as much hands on stuff as possible. Before we even get to the unit on coins we've been exposed to coins throughout our other math activities. We "play" store to work on our addition and subtraction. We use coins for math centers. We use coins as one of our "days in school" activities. In previous years I've used coins as a behavior incentive and paired it with a classroom store. All of this so that by the time we actually start working on the coin unit, most of my kids have a pretty good understanding of coins.
    andrea . m . lee84 @ gmail . com

  2. I love the idea of using coins as a behavior incentive and doing a classroom store! I've got a behavior system I love, but I can see doing a whole class coin incentive maybe the month before the coins unit. As the class earns coins, they can cash in for rewards that "cost" different amounts. Just print out some pictures of coins fairly large and hang them up as they earn them. Thanks for sharing and sparking new ideas! I sent your freebie! Let me know if you don't get it.

    :) Ash

  3. Each day, we add a penny. When we have have, we exchange them for a nickle, and so on! katienussbaum87@gmail.com

    1. Ooooo! I like this too! Email with the FREEBIE is on it's way! Let me know if you don't get it! Hope it's helpful!

      :) Ash