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Friday, February 28, 2014

Five for Friday: I Want Your Input

My current edition of Five for Friday, hosted by Doodle Bugs, offers you two freebies and asks you for some Master's Degree advice!  After coming off of your TPT MEGA SALE high, I'm hoping you'll snuggle up with your computer and read my FIVE!

  I HAVE to head over to TPT this afternoon to snag the items I placed in my cart while they are on MEGA sale.  Don't forget to enter the coupon code TPT3 at check-out to get the extra 10% off.  I'm offering that advice for you, but it's more of a reminder for myself so I don't forget!  For those of you just starting out on the sales journey, keep your chin up!  I'm still very new to it compared to ALL of the top sellers, but I know there are days that I become overwhelmed when I see someone has thousands of TPT followers.  Will I ever get there?  Who cares.  I've learned to celebrate MY milestones and achievements and you should do the same!
This one is just for you!  If you didn't have a chance to grab my February Facebook Freebie, have no fear!  I decided to leave my older freebies up (and more importantly, I figured out how), instead of replacing them.  So, head on over and get your copy for free!  I'd love for you to share my FB page too!
 I'm seriously considering finally getting my Master's. I don't think I ever want to be a Principal or VP.   I'm leaning towards Curriculum and Instruction with a Literacy focus. But I also really love teaching math and science.  Do you have yours? Thoughts?  Online? I've taught for 8 years, we don't have kids, and I'm organized, but is working and going to school hellacious? 
 There might be something big on the horizon for my hubs, Kona Bear, and me.  Just in case my mother-in-law reads this, I'll clear it up by saying it has nothing to do with grand babies for her.  Positive karma is welcomed!
 For being a sport and making through all 5, here's another one just for you!  While you're grabbing my February Facebook Fan Freebie, grab my St. Patrick's Day one too!  I love me some freebies and I know you do too!

Happy weekend!  After all of the fabulous sales, I'm sure we will all be spending some time creating new products with the adorable clip art we snagged and cutting out freshly laminated games!
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  1. Hello!
    I would highly suggest getting your Masters before having kids. I have mine and am so glad I did it before having my three boys. I can't imagine finding the time to do it when I don't even have a second in the bathroom by myself now. LOL! I need to learn how to get onto the facebook freebie page too. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Have a great week!

  2. I will wait till Autumn, learns to do the facebook freebies. Did you watch a video or have a friend teach you? That has been on our list of things to learn that just gets longer.

  3. Oh man! Christi, from Ms. Fultz's Corner has some really helpful You Tube videos! Here is her video on how to make a FB Freebie thing! She also did a blog post about it. Let me know if you have any questions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVrAy7Gp3Zg

    :) Ash
    The Rolly Chair

  4. Hi again Ash!

    I am one class and a portfolio away from completing my masters. I actually did an online program in Ed Tech and I loved it. It was super convenient because it took out the big stressor of getting to class by a certain time. The only downside was the lack of really interacting with classmates. We would have "discussions" online but it really wasn't the same as actually being in a classroom. But besides that I loved it! Good luck!


    1. Katie,

      Thanks for the input! Do you mind sharing what online program you used? I'm leaning towards online b/c of the convenience (like you mentioned). Congrats on being almost finished!